Rags to Riches or a Road to Ruin?

For many investors, the 'Rent-to-Rent' model is way to derive passive income from the property market with minimal investment capital. The premise of a Rent2Rent scheme is quite straightforward. Essentially, they come in 2 flavours: (1) Lease: The investor takes a tenancy f...
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The London office grows happily

They say "...a picture says a thousand words", and I believe it's true. You can't fake happiness and conversely, as some celebrities often find, it's difficult to take back some actions once they've been caught on picture or film! Today, we're pleased to show a number of ...
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The Great Property Trap?

February 10, 2017

Leasehold houses sold by large developers causing concern

The BBC has reported recently on unwitting purchasers of new build Leasehold Houses. According to the BBC News article major developers Bellway Homes and Taylor Wimpey (amongst others) have been selling some of their new build houses on 150 leases, with the purchasers havin...
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Breach of covenant - short term letting ruling at the Upper Tribunal

A recent Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision has held that an owner of residential leasehold property that rented the property out on the Air BnB website was in breach of the terms of their lease. A leaseholder of a flat in Enfield, Middlesex recently lost her ap...
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We have had a few new team members recently (more about them later...) but it is with great pleasure that we welcome the newest addition to the Jamieson Alexander extended family: Master Eli James Colenutt was born today at 01:40. All our congratulations and very best wish...
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Missing, inactive, dissolved or just useless Freeholder?

If you own leasehold property and your Freeholder is failing to maintain or insure it, you are putting your investment at risk. If your lease is shorter than 90 years you should be thinking about obtaining a Lease Extension in the next few years to avoid it dropping be...
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Possession of land and general applications Court fees rise

Today, 21 March 2016 the fees payable for Possession claims and general applications including divorce proceedings in Courts in England and Wales have risen, with very little in the way of notice being given by the Courts. In some cases Court fees have risen by 100%; ap...
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Bad block management?

January 11, 2016

Managing agents doing a bad job?

I am often approached by clients who own residential leasehold properties flats which are in blocks that are being poorly managed. More often than not the failure to repair and maintain the block is having a negative impact on the value of the individual flats, and it is a...
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They may be good at selling houses, but Foxtons are no strangers to being the subject of litigation.

In the late 2000's the High Court upheld a decision of the regulator from 2008 and found in favour of the Office of Fair Trading that Foxtons' letting terms were unfair to Landlord customers, and Foxtons went on to re-write their lettings terms removing the unfair term...
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If you are an Employer it is important to ensure your Employment Contracts are reviewed regularly

If you are an Employer employing staff in England or Wales you are no doubt aware that you must provide all of your Employees with written terms of employment, or you'll be in breach of Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA). But whilst a written statement of...
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