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World Mental Health Day 2023

Prioritising Mental Health in the Legal Profession: World Mental Health Day 2023

Both generally, as legal professionals, and specifically within our firm, we understand the importance of mental health, and the significance of bringing attention to all types of mental health by way of World Mental Health Day - a date which falls today and on 10 October each year.

As lawyers, we are acutely aware of some of the unique challenges that come with our demanding profession, including long hours; perfectionism and the pressures of representing our clients to the best of our abilities.

On this World Mental Health Day 2023, we want to emphasise the need to prioritise mental health in the legal profession. In this article, we will discuss the significance of mental well-being, the unique challenges solicitors and other legal professionals face, and the steps we can all take to encourage a healthier work environment.

The Importance of Mental Health:

Mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, and despite it often being overlooked, is something that should be a top priority for everyone, including solicitors. Unfortunately, the legal profession is often associated with high levels of stress and mental health challenges. The long hours, intense deadlines, and highly emotional matters can take a toll on all individuals. Ignoring mental health can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety, and even more severe mental health issues.

In a 2023 study on the link between lawyers' stress and suicidal thoughts, 66% of respondents said that their time in the legal profession had been detrimental to their mental health and some 46% of them were considering leaving the profession entirely, due to burnout or stress. 

With LawCare, a UK mental wellbeing charity existing solely for the legal community, reporting just this month that there has been a 24% increase in those seeking support from 2022 to 2023, it's clear that there is a big issue at hand. 

Unique Challenges in the Legal Profession:

  1. High-Stress Environment: Solicitors often deal with high-pressure situations, including litigation, negotiations, and advising clients on complex legal matters. Add to this billing and time pressure, for a potent mix.  This constant stress can lead to anxiety and depression.

  2. Work-Life Balance: The demands of the legal profession can make it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is essential for mental wellbeing.

  3. Compassion Fatigue: Representing clients in highly emotional matters can lead to compassion fatigue, making it challenging to separate personal emotions from professional duties.

  4. Perfectionism: The pursuit of perfectionism, common among solicitors and indeed their clients' often unrealistic expectations of them, can lead to burnout and self-criticism.

Taking Steps Towards Better Mental Health:

  1. Raise Awareness: At Jamieson Alexander, we believe that raising awareness about mental health (such as today's worldwide event) is the first step towards change. We encourage open conversations about mental health and provide resources for our employees to seek help when needed.

  2. Promote Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of a balanced life, and embody this within our firm's culture - with the Partners leading from the front. We encourage our team members to be active, use their annual leave, and not to work themselves 'to the max'.  We do not expect any out-of-hours communication, whatsoever. 

  3. Mental Health Resources: We offer access to mental health resources and counselling services for our employees, such as via our paid-for Vitality membership or with a subscription to Headspace, just some of our employee benefits. These resources can provide the support needed during challenging times.

  4. Destigmatise Mental Health: Finally, we work to destigmatise mental health issues within our firm, encouraging individuals to seek help without fear of judgment.


This World Mental Health Day , Jamieson Alexander reaffirms its commitment to prioritising mental health in the legal profession, and beyond.

We understand the unique challenges lawyers face and are dedicated to creating a supportive work environment where mental and physical wellbeing is valued. By raising awareness, promoting work-life balance, offering mental health resources, and destigmatising mental health issues, not only do we aim to contribute to a healthier legal community, but we believe we can continue to do better work for our clients.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the mental health of lawyers and their families and create a brighter future for the legal profession.

Jamieson Alexander, 10 October 2023


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