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Property Litigation

At Jamieson Alexander we can assist with both non-contentious property matters, i.e. commercial and residential sales, purchases, leases and other transactions but also property disputes. We have extensive experience within the firm so please do call us to find out more.

Property Litigation

We would hope that in the majority of cases, you are able to enjoy a good relationship with your neighbours, be that in a commercial sense or at home. However, sometimes disputes cannot be avoided. Such disputes may take various forms, such as someone claiming ownership or rights over your land or somebody denying your rights over theirs. There may be disputes about boundaries between two properties or the need to enter onto another person's land in order to carry out works to your own building.

In a business capacity, landlords and tenants always hope to remain on good terms, but this may prove impossible where, for example, the tenant fails to pay rent or to keep the property in good condition or the landlord fails to meet his repairing and servicing obligations.

Jamieson Alexander's Dispute Resolution team deals with a wide range of residential and commercial property disputes, and are well equipped to advise. We are well versed in dealing with such claims, and adopt, as much as possible, the Property Litigation Association's Dilapidations Protocol in relation to claims made at the end of a tenancy, and its Post-Action Protocol in relation to lease termination and renewal under the provisions of Landlord & Tenant Act 1954.

and finally...

As well as being able to assist in the above, we are also able to advise on the following issues:
  1. Disputes with the council regarding re-housing;
  2. Problem tenants or non-payment of rent;
  3. Service Charge disputes; and
  4. The Right To Manage a block of leasehold flats
For further information, please contact us to discuss your particular issue, or refer to our Dispute Resolution pages.

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