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Our Affiliates

Jamieson Alexander are members of, and/or work with:

The Law Society

The Law Society is our representative body, looking after the needs of solicitors and promoting the profession as a whole.


The SRA is our governing and authoritising body, responsible for ensuring the highest standards are met both in our firm, and with the profession as a whole.

London Solicitors Litigation Association

A membership organisation for those interested and actively practising in litigation in London.

City of London Law Society

Reserved only for solicitors within 1 mile of the 'Square Mile' in the City, we are proud to be members of one of the City's most prestigious organisations.

London Young Lawyers Group

Representing and supporting the younger members of the profession.

Employment Lawyer's Association

A membership body for those actively practising in Employment Law, and those interested in pushing the boundaries of the subject.

London Legal Network

As members of larger networks, we are able to provide and give our Clients access to the full range of legal services.

VWV Approach

Jamieson Alexander is a member of the VWV approach network. 

The aim of us being involved is to help us retain and look after our clients by offering our clients access to a full range of legal services in addition to other benefits offered to us as a result of our membership.


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