Employment Contracts - Are yours up to date?

If you are an Employer it is important to ensure your Employment Contracts are reviewed regularly

If you are an Employer employing staff in England or Wales you are no doubt aware that you must provide all of your Employees with written terms of employment, or you'll be in breach of Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA).

But whilst a written statement of terms of employment which complies with section 1 of ERA may satisfy the minimum legislative requirement on an Employer, it does little to protect the Employer or assist them in managing Employees generally.

Whether the Employee is being paid minimum wage or £100k+ it is important from both a risk management perspective and for harmonious relations with the Employee to ensure that a comprehensive Employment Contract is in place from the outset.

A comprehensive and well prepared Employment Contract sets out all aspects of the Employee's employment from the start of the relationship, and avoids any nasty surprises further down the line which can arise where there is no certainty as to what has been agreed.

This may not however be the end of a responsible Employer's duties so far as employment of staff is concerned.

We are in an ever evolving legal world, and changes are constantly afoot in all areas of the Law.Recent changes imposed by the introduction of the Equality Act 2010, the Pensions Act 2011, the Shared Parental Leave Regulations 2014 and the Pensions Act 2014 all affect Employers and Employees alike.

Contracts of Employment may need to be updated to reflect significant legislative changes, and Employers may want training or advice on implications on them, which we are able and happy to provide.The cost of updating your Employment Contracts, even in large companies, can often be nominal compared with the cost to you of claims brought by disgruntled Employees employed under non-compliant outdated agreements.

It's not always cost effective for small or even medium sized companies to instruct a solicitor to prepare a new Employment Contract for every new member of staff, and we recognise this.Jamieson Alexander are able to offer bespoke support packages to any size employer, whether it's to provide a template Employment Contract for general use and annual reviews of any legislation changes, or to provide a comprehensive Staff Handbook and variety of Employment Contracts for different grade staff updated regularly to ensure compliance with legislation changes and the Client's own internal policy updates.

For more information on the support we are able to provide Employers just visit our Employment Law page, give us a call, or drop us an email, and we would be happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss your options and review any existing contracts you have.

Ben Colenutt

Jamieson Alexander


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