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Operations, Support and International

Non-Human Resources

Jamieson Wilfred ('Jamie'), HR

Tel: 0330 2000 017

Jamie is studying for his basic award in client service. Someday he hopes to sit the bar(k) exam, but in the meantime acts as office manager, HR assistant and biscuit clerk.

Adding a healthy dose of morale to the team, and safe in the knowledge that the office is running smoothly, clients and colleagues can usually find Jamie under an office desk snoozing away the 9-5...

Tiffin, Furry Fitness Ambassador

Tel: 01425 705 039

Tiffin has been with the firm now for over a year, although with the coming of the New Year, has recently been promoted to head of all things fitness, outdoors and health.

Far too often found running around a park; competing in cross-country mud races or simply inspiring others by running faster than they can cycle, Tiffin's a true lady of the outdoors, now bringing her skills to the table to inspire her human colleagues, too!


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