Selling Residential Property

The Basics

How long will your transaction take to complete?

It is difficult to predict how long a conveyancing transaction will take and each transaction is dependent on various factors.  A simple transaction can take some 8-12 weeks to complete whereas others may take as long as 4-6 months to complete.  Where we need to liaise with third parties, we are somewhat reliant on their turnaround times in addition to our own work.  We will keep you up to date and inform you if we anticipate any delays.

Steps involved


  1. Taking instructions from you with regards the details of the transaction;
  2. Obtaining information from your current mortgage lender (if applicable);
  3. Checking the title to the property;
  4. Dealing with the requirements of your new mortgage lender and ensuring that its interests are properly protected (if applicable);
  5. Liaising with the other party’s solicitor in the transaction (if applicable);

Exchange and pre-completion

  1. Dealing with exchange of contracts,
  2. Making the pre-completion legal arrangements and checks;

Completion and post-completion

  1. Completing the matter;
  2. Submitting the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return and arranging payment of duty where applicable.
  3. Correctly registering the new owners details at the Land Registry;
  4. If leasehold, giving them notice of the new ownership and mortgage (if applicable) details; and
  5. Giving you a clear explanation of the issues involved and the options available to you.

Our Prices

No sale is the same and therefore our fees will reflect your individual matters and needs.   Conveyancing matters are charged on a fixed fee basis.

We will always provide an individual cost estimate before you instruct us and you can obtain this through our conveyancing calculator (click here).

Factors which we consider before quoting on your transaction are:  

  • freehold or leasehold
  • new build
  • first registration of title (unregistered land)
  • a mortgage or not
  • a shared ownership scheme
  • using a help to buy scheme
  • purchase under right to buy
  • purchase at auction
  • property has been repossessed

Our Prices

Sale PriceFeeVAT
£0 - £249,999.99£800.00£160.00£960.00
£250,000.00 - £349,999.99£900.00£180.00£1,080.00
£350,000.00 - £499,999.99£950.00£190.00£1,140.00
£500,000.00 - £799,999.99£1,000.00£200.00£1,200.00
£800,000.00 - £1,999,999.99£1,200.00£240.00£1,440.00
£2,000,000.00 +£1,500.00£300.00£1,800.00


Disbursements are costs incurred that are not our fees but are paid to external providers.

Management Pack/landlord fees - are wholly dependant on the managing company but can range from £300.00 -£1,000.00

HM Land Registry fee can range from £6.00 - £30.00

Electronic money transfer fee £12.00 - £40.00 +VAT per transfer


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